6 Ways To Stretch Cash Reserves

Cash is king in startups. Entrepreneurs usually do not have any in the beginning and struggle to keep it after raising funds. Projects often take longer and cost more than originally planned. The burn rate can is a growing concern and capital raises result in varying degrees of dilution. One way to hurt your investorsContinue reading “6 Ways To Stretch Cash Reserves”

7 Steps May Bring Out Your Entrepreneurial Diva

Everyone knows that doing the same thing repeatedly rarely leads to significant change. Sometimes, it takes mixing things up to recognize new paths leading to personal growth. This became more obvious during a recent trip to speak with some medical professionals and help an entrepreneur creating a startup fashion business. Oddly enough, the people involvedContinue reading “7 Steps May Bring Out Your Entrepreneurial Diva”

5 Factors Entrepreneurs Must Possess To Create A Successful Startup

Elvis Presley once said, “Ambition is a dream with V8 engine.” This quote sums up the life, drive, and energy of all entrepreneurs. Elvis started singing and trying to make it in the music business long before his first recording. His drive and desire to sing helped him through the difficult years that occurred priorContinue reading “5 Factors Entrepreneurs Must Possess To Create A Successful Startup”

6 Important People Entrepreneurs Do Not Want To Surprise

Expectations can drive desire for a stronger engagement or they can drive people away. For example, you want to purchase a new car and believe you know the value of your old car. Your research provided the estimated price for the new car. The simple math yields a cost difference and cash required to completeContinue reading “6 Important People Entrepreneurs Do Not Want To Surprise”

Start-up Woe: What to Do When Employees Can’t Scale

Life in a start-up can be a blessing or a curse depending on your personal work style. If you like speed, wearing multiple hats, and a high degree of individual accountability, the start-up work environment is a slice of heaven. On the other hand, if you prefer rules, formal hierarchy, and predictability, start-ups will driveContinue reading “Start-up Woe: What to Do When Employees Can’t Scale”

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