Melanie Malaragno’s savvy product gives beachgoers freedom from the sand, and gives her greater financial freedom!

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‘‘As a single mom trying to enjoy a relaxing beach trip, I was frustrated that sand was covering all my belongings. I started to imagine ways to keep essentials within reach but off the ground. That’s when the Shore Shelf—a foldable, portable tray that connects to a beach chair and provides a place to rest your belongings sand-free— was born. Although I had zero experience bringing a product to market, I truly believed in the Shore Shelf’s value.

“To make this vision a reality, I went into total research mode, found a business mentor and began networking. While the Shore Shelf was still in prototype form in 2017, I attended the INPEX (Invention and New Product Education X-perience) conference, where I received valuable feedback on the design and found a manufacturer in the United States. In 2018, Shore Shelf officially hit the market for $24.99 (

“Since this launch, I’ve dealt with pandemic delays, escalating material costs, thyroid cancer and three surgeries. Despite these setbacks, I continued to follow my dream, and I make roughly $12,000 per year. Since I still work full-time, I devote about 10 to 15 hours a week to this side gig, which includes doing social media marketing, researching new events, working with vendors and my business mentor and fulfilling and distributing orders.

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“It’s so rewarding when people tell me how much they enjoy having sand-free drinks on the beach. Even better? So many people who use wheelchairs and walkers have been embracing the Shore Self to experience a comfort and convenience that most of us take for granted!”