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Brand New Directions: The new land girls

Allotments that turned from a pastime to a business Claire Oxley, 49, launched Allotment Drinks – a range of sparkling drinks, naturally flavoured by the British veg plot, hedgerow and garden – in February 2020. She lives in York with her partner and their three children. THE IDEA Following a career as a teacher and […]

“I make $12,000 a year with my beach tray invention!”

Melanie Malaragno’s savvy product gives beachgoers freedom from the sand, and gives her greater financial freedom! Indian Fashion Blog ‘‘As a single mom trying to enjoy a relaxing beach trip, I was frustrated that sand was covering all my belongings. I started to imagine ways to keep essentials within reach but off the ground. That’s […]

New opportunities in the media

Pursuing a career in the media is the dream of many people, and the field offers more opportunity than ever before. At one time, finding a job in the media meant working for a print newspaper or a radio or television station. But the modern media encompasses many more careers on multiple platforms. In the […]

Which Sectors Do Well?

Multiple companies have released their January-May business results, gradually putting together a picture of revenue and profit growth in the first half of the year. The sectors expected to achieve positive business results in the first two quarters are banking, oil and gas, retail, seafood and industrial real estate. The remarkable post-Covid recovery of the […]


The educational programs at Canada’s History continue to support and enrich learners of all ages. Whether through print publications, digital content, or virtual initiatives, we aim to support students and teachers alike in their journeys of researching and sharing the stories of the past. Kayak issues in high demand Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids […]

The evolution of the entrepreneur

Global entrepreneur and founder of Pranary business school Sandras Phiri says it’s time to fix how entrepreneurship is taught Named one of the 15 tech people to follow in South Africa in 2018 and 2019, Sandras Phiri has worked with entrepreneurs from over fifty countries, helping them launch, grow customer numbers and revenue, and get […]


Change your sheets Use sheets of natural fibres like cotton or linen because they’re breathable and act like a natural thermostat drawing moisture off the body. Ditch the cloth curtains Invest in some bamboo blinds. Bamboo blinds block outdoor heat and keep the house cool. Or use blackout shades. Replace your windows Replace your thin […]

6 Ways To Stretch Cash Reserves

Cash is king in startups. Entrepreneurs usually do not have any in the beginning and struggle to keep it after raising funds. Projects often take longer and cost more than originally planned. The burn rate can is a growing concern and capital raises result in varying degrees of dilution. One way to hurt your investors […]

7 Steps May Bring Out Your Entrepreneurial Diva

Everyone knows that doing the same thing repeatedly rarely leads to significant change. Sometimes, it takes mixing things up to recognize new paths leading to personal growth. This became more obvious during a recent trip to speak with some medical professionals and help an entrepreneur creating a startup fashion business. Oddly enough, the people involved […]

5 Factors Entrepreneurs Must Possess To Create A Successful Startup

Elvis Presley once said, “Ambition is a dream with V8 engine.” This quote sums up the life, drive, and energy of all entrepreneurs. Elvis started singing and trying to make it in the music business long before his first recording. His drive and desire to sing helped him through the difficult years that occurred prior […]


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