Pursuing a career in the media is the dream of many people, and the field offers more opportunity than ever before. At one time, finding a job in the media meant working for a print newspaper or a radio or television station. But the modern media encompasses many more careers on multiple platforms.

In the new all- digital world, people in the media are not just reporters or anchors. Many produce stories that incorporate video, social media and podcasting skills that bring the public an immersive experience.

The changing landscape brings with it a variety of exciting jobs, not only in journalism but in many other adjacent fields. Here are a number of positions that can widen your perspective and provide opportunity.

Content producer

In the media, content is king. And in this highly competitive world talented content producers are prized. Content can come in the form of articles, photos, audio and video. Besides creating content, there are many jobs involving the editing and posting of content.

Video editors

Because content producers and not just writers and reporters, but also video and audio producers, someone has to edit this material into a coherent format for presentation. Video editors are tasked with making this happen, transferring raw footage into an enticing production that often includes interactive features and extra content for both traditional websites and mobile formats.

Social media manager

Many people rely on their social media accounts to find information about news and events, and it is the social media manager’s job to keep audiences engaged with fresh, up- to- date content. A social media manager in the media will typically oversee multiple accounts on a variety of platforms to draw readers and drive potential subscribers to their sites.

UX writers

User experience, or UX, writers bring content to life online through a variety of means. They add links and other elements to text as readers navigate their way through a story. They also ensure the copy is written in SEO, or search engine optimized, style so people using a search engine can quickly be directed to relevant stories based on keywords.

These are just a few of the exciting fields available to people pursuing a media career. And the good news is that because modern media is fueled by rapidly changing technology, many of these roles don’t require specialized degrees. While some technical expertise is required in some fields, younger “digital natives” have found rewarding careers based on skills they already have. Though the delivery methods have changed, the media will always value excellent communicators who are in touch with their audience.